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LEGO Les Misérables Barricade Playset

Les Misérables Barricade Playset

Re-enact the most action-packed scenes from Victor Hugo's classic French novel! (It may have been made into a movie or something, too.) Includes main barricade set, with plenty of nooks and crannies (plus a secret entrance and an escape route into the Parisian sewers), a canon and supply wagon for the French soldiers to beseige the barricade, and 10 minifigures:

Jean Valjean in French army uniform disguise
Police Inspector Javert
2 French Army Soldiers

Notes: Obviously my son (who designed and built this with me) and I were limited by the bricks we had on hand and a teacher's budget. The flags should be red, the weapons should all be period (LEGO makes a flintlock pistol and a period rifle), and you can never have enough barrels. The wagon needs a little work and maybe a barrel or two atop it (See? All about the barrels).

Facing off with Javert

Enjolras and Gavroche taunt Javert and the French army from atop the barricade.

Valjean Arrives

Jean Valjean arrives at the barricade; Feuilly and Marius show him the chest where various weapons and tools are stored. Courfeyrac keeps an eye on the street through the slats of the barricade. For some reason, a frog watches on.

Secret Entrance

Grantaire opens the secret entrance to allow one of his friends to re-enter the barricade

Sewer Escape

French superman Jean Valjean pulls open the grate and carries an unconscious Marius into the Parisian sewers.